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Schools in Centreville

Posted On 05 Aug 2013
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If you have relocated to Centreville in Virginia, particularly from another part of the country that is not classed as an unincorporated community, then you may want to know more about the way the education system is run before looking at the options available for your children’s schooling. Local schools are in a zone run by the Fairfax County Public Schools authority that has its headquarters in a part of the county that is also unincorporated although it is close to the city of Falls Church which does not come into this category. New residents may find this somewhat confusing however the system does have its advantages, the most notable of which is the tremendous financial commitment that the FCPS makes to the 180,000 students enrolled with it. Over 50% of its monetary budget for the year is allocated to the education system so along with contributions from the state and government, along with corporate donations and personal citizen bequests the total fiscal amount that went into this system for 2013 was a staggering $2.4 billion. This specific division is one of the largest in the country’s school systems overall and can also boast the largest fleet of school buses across the nation.

schoolCentreville itself has two middle schools in this division and these are the Liberty Middle School and Ormond Stone Middle School. The former is also one of the main feeder schools for Centreville High School – which is situated around 3 km away on the same road – and has over 1100 students, slightly more than the smaller Ormond Stone Middle School which has around 900. The curriculum offers four core classes which include English, Math, History and Science for each student along with P.E however the opportunity to take extra subjects is also there. These include four foreign languages – Spanish, French, German and Latin – as well as additional mathematical subjects like Algebra or Geometry. Thanks to the generous budget of the FCPS, this school also has excellent technological equipment including over six hundred computers, seven computer labs comprising of graphic arts, science and technology tools as well as ten mobile lap top stations and twenty three Smart Boards.

The only high school that is still situated within the boundaries of the town itself is the Mountain View Alternative High School however despite its location just north of Chantilly and east of Centreville this is the main facility for students of this age group. Established in 1988 to accommodate the fast growing local populations in the regions, this is deemed to be one of the best high schools in the area and was ranked among the top five in Fairfax County, in the top twenty for the metropolitan area of Washington D.C and in 2010 it was ranked at no.130 in the best high schools across the whole of the U.S.A. It currently has 2350 students who are taught by 150 staff and faculty members who strive to foster a caring culture and encourage students to aim for excellence in all their accomplishments.

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