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Places of historical interest

Posted On 31 Jul 2013
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As one of the first established towns to form part of Fairfax County, Centreville Virginia is steeped in history not least because of the pivotal role it played strategically during the American Civil War. From historic battlefields to regional parks, museums to monuments, this area has a great deal to offer any visitors to the area who wish to enjoy the many attractions in this area.

In addition, the town is only 20 miles from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C with the many additional sites and attractions to see and do there too as well as in the surrounding areas. The historic Mount Vernon is situated just beyond the capital, 23 miles from Centreville if you head southeast where this estate can be found in Arlington on the Potomac River. This holds the final resting place of George Washington and his wife who are buried in a tomb on its grounds in a setting surrounded by beautiful gardens and tours of the site and its museum include costumed characters to help bring history to life and an education center. There are also as several shops where you can take home a souvenir of your visit or partake in some refreshments along the way.

historyCloser to Centreville itself, you can take a trip to the monumental Ox Hill Battlefield Park just 5 miles from the town, where over 1500 soldiers lost their lives or were terribly wounded in conflict following the county’s only major battle of the Civil War. There are regular period re-enactments held on the site so if that is of interest to you then you can log on to their website to find out if there is anything of this nature on during your visit however there are also static kiosks that provide information about the battle on site all year round. A few miles further on, you can also visit the Cold War Museum which was founded in 1996 and this has a great deal to offer visitors interested in the history of communism as well as preserving the history of this period itself. There are a variety of exhibits, photographs and educational programs running on site as well as a theatre that are designed to show the extent of the rivalry that developed between Communist and democratic nations after the second world war up to the height of the Cold War during the seventies and eighties, to its demise in the last decade of the 20th Century. Covering everything from the aftermath of the fascist regimes in Europe to the conflict in Vietnam, the collapse of the old Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall, this museum offers a fascinating insight into this monumentally historic period. With artifacts and memorabilia, that help give visitors a greater idea of the effect that communism had on worldwide politics in modern times, this is a very popular tourist attraction that is both interesting and educational, so it is definitely worth a trip if you are in the area.

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