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Centreville VA general transport

Posted On 30 Jul 2013
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The town of Centreville in Virginias Fairfax County, got its name due to its central location when it was established back in the latter part of the 18th Century and while it has expanded over the centuries so that it has now become a suburb of Washington D.C itself, it is still considered to be a gateway to other parts of the county and state today. As a result of the multitude of companies who flocked to the area to set up industries in the burgeoning technological fields in the late nineties, Centreville is deemed to be one of the wealthiest suburbs in the state. While many businesses across the country continue to struggle in the current economic climate, companies of this nature continue to relocate to this part of the state including government contractors not least because of recent legislation passed in 2012. Passed by Senator McDonnell, the bill was designed to help make the area attractive to technology orientated businesses in particular, to assist in creating and retaining high tech jobs within the state as well as expanding tax credits and the telework bill. transportThe state of Virginia actually employs more personnel in this field than even California so it is therefore hardly surprising, that Centerville’s infrastructure provides many options for getting out and about for those living and working in the area as well as those visiting for business or pleasure.

There are three main roads servicing Centreville itself which are Virginia Route 28 enters from the south and interchanges with U.S. Route 29 (this enters the town from the west) right in the middle of the two major shopping centers in Centreville. Interstate 66 enters from the south west and also intersects with the other two major routes as well as heading to Washington D.C around twenty miles away however the driving situation can become rather frustrating at times due to the sheer volume of traffic especially during peak commuter periods. Drivers unused to the system may be further hindered as those heading northwards on SR 28 while able to exit onto Interstate 66 heading east, must then use a stretch of US 29 for over a mile to gain access to the westbound side of the route. Similar problems may cause delays coming in other directions as the eastbound Interstate 66’s Exit 53 only gives access to SR 28 heading north so drivers find they have to use Exit 52 on the same stretch of US 29 simply to reach SR 28 south! If this also sounds like a bit of a headache, then SR 620 on Braddock Road has several stretches of pavement in Centreville for those who prefer to get around on foot and there are also several bus lines operating in the town and servicing surrounding areas too. In addition there are several Fairfax Connectors routes that provide an efficient service to the area, connecting to the Metrorail system numbers 640, 641, 642.

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